People Management

Absence Management

Absence can cost your business thousands of pounds a year in lost productivity – the average is nearly £700 per employee annually! We can help you to reduce this amount. Implementing an appropriate absence monitoring system can highlight the areas your business needs to focus on and effective policies and procedures can help to reduce absence - bringing real financial benefits.

Turner Consulting can help you to:

  • Implement an absence monitoring system
  • Design a policy and procedure to manage sickness absence effectively
  • Advise on individual sickness cases both short term and long term
  • Provide guidance on other absence issues such as time off for dependants, jury service etc…

Maternity/Paternity and Adoption leave

This is an area many businesses are wary of because of the complex legislation surrounding maternity, paternity and adoption leave. We can help you address your policies and procedures, help you manage the process (including recruitment for maternity cover) and take the stress away from you and your managers.

We can support you by:

  • Providing you with legally compliant policies and procedures
  • Managing recruitment for maternity cover
  • Advising on individual cases

Disciplinary and Grievance

Disciplinaries and grievances can cause businesses all sorts of headaches. The legislation is complex and managing this area can divert a great deal of resources away from running your business – and that is without the risk associated with being taken to tribunal and the large fines which can be ordered if procedures have not been followed.

Consequently it is advisable to deal with all performance, capability and employee relations issues as soon as they arise and to have robust policies and procedures in place to support the business. Turner Consulting is expert in this area – with years of experience dealing with all kinds of employee relations issues. We can support you by:

  • Providing clear policies, procedures and standard letter templates
  • Giving advice on how to manage individual cases either by phone, e-mail or face-to-face
  • Providing training and coaching on how to conduct disciplinary and grievance hearings
  • acilitate disciplinary and grievance hearings and appeals

Performance Management/Appraisal systems

To ensure you get the best out of your employees and maximise business potential, all performance should be managed effectively. That stands to reason. Sometimes, however, it is difficult to see how you can achieve this. By working closely with you and understanding your businesses’ specific personnel requirements we can help you put effective measures in place.

Performance management helps you to improve your employees’ effectiveness, productivity and motivation and guides you in the development of your business’ HR strategy. Our performance management expertise can help you by:

  • Providing you with a performance management/capability policy
  • Supporting you and giving advice on all performance issues that arise
  • Designing and implementing an appraisal system tailored to your business

Reward and Recognition

Today’s economic climate means that businesses need a happy and motivated workforce to ensure a prosperous future. People need to be incentivised and rewarded for hard work - but how can you achieve this without the cost of large pay rises and bonus schemes? Turner Consulting can assist by:

  • Working with you to design a reward scheme that suits your business needs
  • Designing an appraisal system tailored to your business - that recognises individual performance and motivates employees – without breaking the bank

Employment Tribunals

No business wants to be taken to an Employment Tribunal, but they can be avoided. Preparation is the key. There are a number of quick, simple and cost effective measures you can take now to protect yourself from the risk, hassle and expense of going to tribunal. And when they can’t be avoided there are steps you can take to reduce the damage. Talk to us about how your business can make these simple changes. We can:

  • Make sure you have the correct policies and procedures in place
  • Update policies when legislation changes
  • Ensure that you have the relevant documentation in place to show that you have fairly and consistently managed employees
  • Provide you with advice and guidance on how to effectively manage employee issues that arise