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Marketing Communications

Marketing communications covers a number of areas including brand, advertising, public relations, printed materials and your website – in fact, all communications with your customers.

Advertising and PR

This is an area where small companies often focus attention (and budgets). And whilst advertising and PR can be very effective, it is important to understand your messages, objectives and the results you are trying to achieve the before you open your cheque book. We can help you to understand the best ways to get value for money from your advertising and PR campaigns.

Brand Development

Your company brand is much more than your logo. It is the personality associated with your product, company or service – and is usually the thing that customers and potential customers think about when they are making a purchase. So you need to get it right. We work with you to understand what your company needs to represent can help you shape your brand accordingly. And yes we can help with your logo too.

Direct Marketing

In our experience, direct marketing - whether it is by post or online - is all about ensuring you create an ongoing dialogue with customers so that when they are ready to buy, they will buy from you rather than anyone else. We can help you manage your compaigns wisely and cost effectively, producing the creative, building the all importantt lists and analysing results to reposition future activity even more acutely.

Design – Brochures, Leaflets etc

One of our favourite subjects. The use of brochures, leaflets and other printed material is the subject of endless debate and is an area where more marketing budget is wasted than any other.

But we can steer you through the minefield. By helping you to prioritise your messages and produce the right literature for the right market we can make your marketing budget go much further. And we’re pretty good at keeping design and print costs down too!


Many businesses underestimate the importance of the tender process - investing in glossy brochures at the expense of proposals that directly influence the buying decision. We have years of experience in writing and designing high quality, winning tenders in some of the most competitive markets. We are happy to give you guidance and advice, design and produce standard tender documents or help you produce individual tenders.

Website Design and Creation

Another area where we see companies paying far too much for the service they receive. We’ll start from the beginning with you. Working with you to decide what you need from your website – from a simple brochure site giving you a basic web presence to an all singing all dancing e-commerce site. We’ll help you to decide what will work best for your business. Click here for more information about our web design service.

Search Engine Optimisation

A real minefield. The standard line seems to be “we promise you’ll be on the front page of Google” and then… …nothing, except big bills. This is definitely an area where many companies find their suppliers have over promised and under delivered. We can help you understand the options and help you to source the right supplier – either one of our recommended companies or one of your own. Either way you’ll be armed with the knowledge you need to get the most from your SEO budget.Click here for more information about how we can help with your search engine optimisation.

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