Business Support

Advice, Administration and Employment Law

This is where Turner Consulting comes into its own. We can provide you with the support and advice you would get from a large HR department at a fraction of the cost – allowing you to get on with running your business.

Turner Consulting can provide general advice and guidance via telephone, e-mail or face to face on how to management employees in line with your policies and within legal requirements. We are also able to practically support you with people management issues, such as disciplinary and grievance hearings, sickness management interviews – taking the hassle out of any HR issues.

Other services available from Turner Consulting include the provision of a full HR administration service, database creation to electronically store employee information and a range of template letters to employees to cover almost any situation

Recruitment and Selection

Obviously any company needs the right people in the right jobs to prosper. Not only can we help you to achieve this but we can also help you to save money in the process – by managing the recruitment, assisting with interview selection and working to ensure that those who are offered a position are right for your company we can reduce time, cost and staff turnover. Not only that but we can protect you from prosecution by ensuring that your recruitment process is in line with the law and is not discriminatory in any way.

Our recruitment and selection support covers:

  • General advice on the recruitment process
  • Ensuring that all aspects of your recruitment process is compliant with discrimination legislation
  • Screening of applicants to reduce time and costs
  • Recruitment document preparation support
  • Attending interviews and supporting throughout the interview process
  • Assessment day design and practical support
  • Interview techniques training
  • Designing job descriptions

Redundancy and Restructure (Change Management)

Change is a necessary part of business. It is often essential to ensure your business’ growth or even survival - but it can be legally complex and very disruptive. Turner Consulting has experience of all types of business change. We can support companies that are looking to downsize, restructure or merge, helping to create or preserve a positive environment for change and meet any legislative responsibilities. A combination of our experience in change management and our commitment to working closely with your business allows us to protect your business from risk whilst effectively achieving the necessary changes.

We can support you on a wide range of change management issues:

  • Redundancy consultation process including advice and practical support
  • Design and implementation of a legally compliant redundancy selection process
  • Redundancy documentation
  • Support and counselling for employees who are made redundant and equipping them with the skills to gain further employment
  • Designing and implementing change management processes
  • Providing a plan to ensure that legal requirements are met and that best practice is followed
  • Advice and support in managing TUPE, restructures, mergers and acquisitions

Data Protection

Most companies do not realise the extent of their responsibilities regarding data protection – and it can cost them dearly. We can guide you through the legal minefield and provide all the relevant information and support including:

  • Advice and guidance on what information you are legally allowed to keep on your employee files
  • Subject access requests – advice on employee rights to access their personal data
  • Monitoring employees – the legal requirements